@philiprugo is a media artist, animator, art director, and designer living in Los Angeles. 

Contact me: 
thomrugo (at) gmail.com
philipscottdesign (at) gmail.com


This Video Requires a Password, 2016, Secret Place 
Day for Night Festival, 2015, KNBC
ART.GIF, 2015, Heavy Coverage 
Choreographic Coding Lab, 2015, Gestural Sculptures
Mirror Touch, 2015, Central Hub
15folds, 2015, NT704
New New Wight, 2015, Magical Geode
IADT Unrecognized, 2015, Finally Becoming, Warmth Between Us, All of Us Together
Half & Half, 2015, Not Yet
Half & Half, 2015, Signal
Recess, 2014, Shape Tape
Algo-Rhythms, 2014, DataEaser
Punk Arcade, 2014, Abandoned Arcade Fortress
Music for No Reason, 2013, Shape Tape


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