Just Here is a multiplayer game created for two players. After signing on to the network, each player explores a desolate landscape as an individual. Each keystroke is logged by the game, leaving behind a trail of 3D objects in the form of text. Players can choose to leave purposeful messages or simply explore, allowing their keystrokes to highlight their path. Unlike a traditional multiplayer game, Just Here does not allow players to choose an avatar. There is no representation of either player in the game aside from their digital exhaust. This entirely changes the way the game is played - instead of working collaboratively or competitively, players can only leave their individual mark on the game world.

The game is intended to be installed over a period of 2-3 weeks without restarting. As the game cycles through players, the world will begin to change entirely depending on their actions. Just Here was created to explore a direct relationship between the user and the network - instead of leaving behind ‘invisible’ trails when browsing, players leave behind tangible evidence of their experience in the network.